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Elder Scrolls Online Details Process To Transfer Stadia Accounts Over To PC/Mac

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online has laid out the details for those Stadia players abandoned by Google, giving them a path toward retaining their purchase and progress on the PC and Mac versions of the MMO.

This process is made infinitely easier on players mainly because they have always been playing on the PC/Mac megaserver. This means that it's simply a matter of logging into their account to download the new client of their choice. It's literally that simple for players. 

"We are happy to announce that all Stadia players can now log into their ESO account page and download and play The Elder Scrolls Online on PC/Mac, with no additional purchase required."

ZeniMax also warns that some issues might occur, such as being unable to log-in or that they might need to recover an account, but list details on how to solve those issues on the blogpost. As it stands, players who are actively playing on Stadia, which shuts down in January, will be able to just pop over to the ESO website and carry on their adventures.

"Because Stadia players have always played on the PC/Mac megaservers, when you log in, you will be able to pick up your adventures with your same characters and suffer no loss in progression. This includes your Achievements, inventory items, friends lists, mail, guild memberships, leaderboard positions, and more—it’ll be as if you never left Tamriel, because you didn’t!"

Google announced its plans to shut down Stadia after just a few years, though it is offering refunds for hardware and game purchases made through Google by January 2023. The service, when it launched, was "unfinished" according to our Hardware Editor Chris Coke who reviewed it for us back in 2019, and while The Elder Scrolls Online was one of a few big-name titles to grace the service, it wasn't always the best place to play them. 


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