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Elder Scrolls Online Details Balance Changes, New Nvidia DLAA Tech

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The Elder Scrolls Online will be debuting Nvidia's new Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing technology, as announced via a stream on the official Twitch channel on Friday. This is the first game that will be running this new tech, which will be out on the PTS soon. The technology doesn't improve performance, but it will be an option to enable better anti-aliasing at native resolution as the game ages, so things should look better and not hobble the resolution. 

The DLAA tech will be out along with the game's update 32, and you'll have to have a solid Nvidia GPU to enable it. ESO Lead Graphics Engineer Alex Tardif added some details post-stream on Twitter, saying that the team offers thanks to "NVIDIA for humoring and then supporting us releasing this when we brought up and tested this hijacking of their DLSS tech into its own thing".

Update 32 is also going to be a big one, with changes in mind to address combat problems created when proc set scaling was put in, and power creep, especially in PvE play. Proc scaling led to the intended effect of making more damage and healing accessible to not just tanky damage builds. Critical hits have also been abundant, which can be fun sometimes but it does throw the balance off if there's not enough of a challenge to be rewarding. Update 32 will cap critical damage and healing and new rules meant to tweak proc set scaling, in order to prevent too much damage layering too quickly.

There has also been a promise to adjust and refine hybridization, and this also ties into the overall balance as well, because the current sets and stats tend to make builds somewhat more static than intended, especially within an Elder Scrolls game where you don't have to specialize too closely to a standard archetype, but the flexibility isn't always there when the most successful builds get a bit static. Hybridization means that item sets will now all grant hybrid stats. Weapon damage bonuses become Weapon and Spell Damage bonuses. Spell Critical will become Weapon and Spell Critical. 

Update 32 will be coming to the PTS, along with the DLAA technology, before the full update later. For more on the combat changes, see the official update post.


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