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Elder Scrolls Online Debuts 2 Weeks of Free Respecs and a Free Pet with Update 29

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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During the Heroes Reforged Event in Elder Scrolls Online players will get to respec their characters for free and receive a free Ambersheen Vale Fawn pet!

The need to respec was mentioned last month in response to issues dealing with Champion Points, which accumulated a number of skill point allocation problems that weren’t easily remedied. In turn ZOS has decided to make this a celebration of rebuilding your character, and will allow players up to 2 weeks to change their builds around however they choose. The event will begin for PC and Mac on Monday, March 8 at 10AM EST, while the console versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will begin Tuesday, March 16 at 10AM, and the events will run for 2 weeks.

During these two weeks, players will get unlimited free respecs from Rededication Shrines which will allow players to respec the following:

  • Attributes: Health/Stamina/Magicka
  • Skills and Morphs
  • Champion Points on the Champion Point system menu

The team does want players to know that while this is a special event, it will not reward Event Tickets or Unique Rewards. In a way, the free respecs are their own reward… even if they are mandatory. While logging in, don’t forget to claim your free Ambersheen Vale Fawn pet from the Crown Store! For more details, visit the official announcement.


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