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Elder Scrolls Online Dawn of the Dragonguard Event Starts November 26

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online’s next big event, called Dawn of the Dragonguard, is set to go live on November 26.

The event runs from November 26 through December 9 during which time you’ll be able to earn bonus rewards by fighting dragons and bosses in the Season of the Dragon. You can begin the event by grabbing the Dawn of the Dragonguard quest from within the Crown Store. You’ll need to have access to at least some or all the Season of the Dragon content which includes Wrathstone, Elsewyer Chapter, Scalebraker, or Dragonhold.

Here are some of the double drop rewards on offer:

  • Defeating a zone Dragon in either Southern or Northern Elsweyr
  • Defeating a boss in Wrathstone dungeons, Scalebreaker dungeons, or the Sunspire trial
  • Harvesting resource nodes in Northern and Southern Elsweyr

Additionally, the Impresario will offer the following special items

  • New Pure-Snow Berries of Growth
  • Pure-Snow Berries of Bloom and Budding
  • All four Indrik Feathers (for summoning a Nascent Indrik)
  • New Jade-Crown Dragonslayer Helm outfit style
  • New Jade-Crown Dragonslayer Shoulder outfit style
  • Sai Sahan outfit style pages

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