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Elder Scrolls Online Console Inventory UI Issues Fix Arriving with Update 30 on June 8

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you play Elder Scrolls Online on console, you may be keenly aware of the inventory UI issues currently plaguing the game. Zenimax Online Studios confirmed that they are looking into those issues, and recently issued an update on the investigations.

If you’re not aware of the inventory issues, there are few problems in the console versions of the game. For one, when you sell an item to an NPC, it doesn’t actually disappear from your backpack. If you then keep clicking on it, you may actually end up selling your whole inventory.

Another bug involves scrolling through your backpack, specifically in guild stores. The problem here seems to be that you can’t actually scroll without typing the name of the items. Zenimax commented on both posts that they are aware of the problems and are investigating.

Recently, the team provided an update on the matter noting,

“Due to certification timing for the upcoming Blackwood Chapter and ESO Console Enhanced, we will not have any more console incremental patches before the Blackwood and Update 30 launch. The fix for this issue will be in the Update 30 launch patch on June 8.”

The team outlined several workaround for the bugs. If you’re playing ESO and are experiencing these problems, check out these links:

Elsewhere in Elder Scrolls Online news, the team has been posting updates on the new companions you’ll encounter in the new Companion System. These new companions include Bastian Hallix, a new battlemage, and Mirri Elendis, a Dark Elf.


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