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Elder Scrolls Online Community Spotlight Looks at Ilona's Wayshrines

Check out full interview for the illustrations

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Elder Scrolls Online Community Spotlight interviews Ilona and their Wayshrine illustrations.

The interview touches on Ilona’s experience with ESO which is actually more recent that most, having only just picked up the game last November after a friend made the introduction to the game.

Ilona is known for their Wayshrine illustrations shared amongst the community. To the end, the ESO Community Team asked Ilona about the inspirations behind the Wayshrine illustrations,

“I was suffering from an art block, and I was in need of a small new project to keep me busy. Then my friend (the same one who introduced me to the game) suggested I perhaps draw the Wayshrines. I thought that was a fun idea since even though they are kind of small, they each perfectly represent the different cultures and areas of the Elder Scrolls world.”

Ilona describes the illustrations as vintage designs, preferring those designs and illustrations to photographs,

“They have more … personality? I would describe them as very stylized and colorful—they really pop and showcase the ideal holiday mood. When you look at them, you almost feel like you’re there.”

It’s a pretty fascinating interview which looks at the community and the creativity inspired by the game. You can catch the full interview here.


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