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Elder Scrolls Online Community Meets 100% Bounties of Blackwood Target, Unlocking Bonus Challenge

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The Elder Scrolls Online community has reached the 100% completion goal for the Bounties of Blackwood event, unlocking the next content update, Deadlands, for free as a reward for Blackwood chapter owners.

The event was announced to run until October 12th, and although the community hit that 100% mark this week, that's still the end date. Instead of capping at 100% bounties and cutting things short, there's a new bonus challenge open through the 12th. In other words, you're probably not finished just yet. Getting back into Blackwood and defeating the world bosses is the latest community challenge, with the first goal set for 25%. If that goal is reached, then a mini event will unlock. The Explorer's Celebration will be extended throughout all of Tamriel for two days for every 25% increment the community meets, meaning eight more days if they hit another 100% milestone this time. 

The Explorer's Celebration last ran in May in preparation for the Blackwood chapter and during that event, the bonuses in effect doubled drops from harvest nodes, doubled all XP gains, and stacked those with any other XP boosts you may have had, and doubled gold. 

With Deadlands coming soon, and much of the community set to get the content for free, the next Explorer's Celebration should let most get some much needed boosted gains if they need to prepare for new adventures, whether with a new character or an older one that could use some love. The May Explorer's Celebration ran for a week in mid-May, so having an event extended by days where every corner of your experience in ESO is raining bonuses, well that would be a pretty sweet way to get on your way.

Deadlands will be released on November 1st. Those expecting Blackwood Bounties rewards will be able to claim them after the event is over on October 12th from the Crown Store. You can find out more and follow the current tally over at the official event page.


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