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Elder Scrolls Online Bans Hundreds Ahead of High Isle Launch

Steven Weber Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online players have a ton to look forward to with the release of the next chapter, High Isle on June 6th for PC, Mac and Stadia. Unfortunately for more than 400 players, they have been banned ahead of the release due to cheating.

The adage that “cheaters never prosper” is not always entirely correct when it comes to some games, but leading into High Isle, the next adventure for Elder Scrolls Online, the Zenimax Online Studios team wants players to know, cheaters will certainly not prosper in their game. Community Manager Jessica Folsom hopped into the forums to let players know that over 400 players have been banned, and that modifying the game client in any way will not be tolerated.

We recently identified and banned over 400 ESO accounts for Terms of Service violations related to cheating. Specifically, manipulating the game client in unintended ways using a third party cheat program. We would like to remind everyone that manipulating the game client and using any unapproved third-party applications, programs, scripts, or any other game modifying mechanic used to change the game play experience is strictly prohibited.

All players who were banned have received a message from our Customer Support team. Any players who have questions about a ban or would like to appeal the decision may contact us via this form: https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8540/

-Jessica Folsom, Community Manager, Elder Scrolls Online Forums

As part of their usual procedure, the developers have given players the chance to appeal the decision. Bans are nothing particularly new in ESO with developers and players reporting bans quite often on the official forums, however, with High Isle’s pending launch it’s possibly one of the best times to swat away cheaters with new content on the way. High Isle will launch for PC on June 6th, but Xbox and PlayStation players will have to wait until June 21st to hop into the next DLC that introduces a new deck building game to the world of ESO. Are you ready to jump into the next adventure? Check out 5 tips to prepare yourself for High Isle


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