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Elder Scrolls Online Addresses Missing Skill Points and How They Plan to Fix Them

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Steven Weber Posted:
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In a post on the official forums from Elder Scrolls Online’s community manager Gina Bruno, the missing skill point problem players have been having since November's Update 28, has finally been tracked down. When the problem initially began it had to do with the unmorphing of the Soul Trap or the Werewolf Ultimate skills.

According to the very lengthy post, the team attempted to fix this issue in subsequent patches to no avail. The team eventually tracked the issue down to skill point allocation problems, where abilities with purchasable morphs weren’t being correctly counted in the skill point allocation. That also appeared to be only half of the story, as it seems that some players that were granted extra skill points through Champion Skills, didn’t get those skill points returned through the refund system.

The resolution according to ZOS is to push a full respec for skills and Champion points in Update 29. After this happens, all extra skill points will be removed from the game and all players will have access to the same number of earnable skill points as everyone else. You can read more about the update in detail on the forums, but an excerpt was added below as to the developers’ response:

We understand these actions may be pretty disruptive to your builds; to extend our apologies for all these issues, we’ll be offering a free Ambersheen Vale Fawn pet and free respecs for all players at the launch of Update 29.

- Gina Bruno ESO Community manager

The team at ZOS has recently teased a big new expansion that will take players to Oblivion, so it only makes sense that they want to hammer out these issues to prevent future issues when their next big story arc arrives. 


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