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Elder Scrolls Online Acknowledges Your Game Crashes, Confirms Fixes are Coming

Crash Without the Bandicoot

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a series of rapid-fire tweets Elder Scrolls Online has acknowledged that the U28 Patch Update did not fix all of the crashes players were experiencing. The team urges calm as new patches are targeted for December 7th which will, hopefully, fix the remaining crashing issues.

Though, Bethesda has a not-so-secret reputation for having games that are somewhat crash prone (looking at you Fallout 76) the team for Elder Scrolls Online understands that the recent crashes can, and will be handled timely, despite Update 28 not squashing all of the bugs it set out to quell. Despite the acknowledgement of bugs, the team is not going to delay the December 3rd Undaunted Event. They thank players for their patience in these fixes rolling out, and anticipate a speedy and complete remedy to the problem, soon.

While you await the Undaunted Event, you might also be interested in seeing what else the team has cooking. Actually, cooking, in this community managers livestream where they cook up some in-game treats.


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