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Elder Scrolls: Legends Heads to the Isle of Madness on January 24th

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Elder Scrolls: Legends, the CCG based on the Elder Scrolls series, is getting ready to expand on January 24th. "Isle of Madness" follows the adventures of a desperate father willing to undergo anything, "including a trip into madness", to save his child. The backstory for Isle of Madness is revealed in a new trailer.

Players will find new card and lane mechanics and "a theme of transformation and insanity and a story that offers a mixture of both hilarity and tragedy". 

As players traverse the Isle of Madness, they will encounter all-new lane conditions that change up how they play their creatures. The Dementia Lane deals damage to opponents if you control the most powerful creature, while the Mania lane draws you a card for having the creature with the highest health.

Some cards within Isle of Madness can convert existing lanes into Mania or Dementia lanes, so keep a sharp mind and learn to master these new conditions so that the insanity consumes your opponents rather than you!

Players can preorder Isle of Madness for $20 or $50, each package with its own goodies. Players can also purchase each of the three chapters for in-game currency -- 1000 gold per chapter.

Learn more on the Elder Scrolls: Legends site.


Suzie Ford

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