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Elden Ring Unlock Times Revealed, As Final Trailer Shows Off Massive Battles and Story Hints

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Elden Ring coming this Friday, there is a brand new launch trailer, “Rise, Tarnished” that delves into some of what you can expect. The trailer does have some  spoilers for the experience, including huge boss battles,  (in case you’re still trying to go in clean), but  nevertheless, it shows off the world and gives a hint of what your journey might be like in the FromSoftware epic RPG.

In the trailer, which contains new footage and characters we haven’t seen before, it sets up what being the Tarnished is going to be like. To say Elden Ring is going big, that isn’t an understatement. Yet any fan of FromSoftware’s titles didn’t expect anything less. Your journey will take you on a quest to find the Elden Ring and even become Lord. No sweat, right? Expect huge creatures and challenges, from the looks of it. The Elden Ring itself is broken and you have to go out and find it. Your adventure will take you to the Lands in Between and as you might expect, won’t be a linear path.

Strange war declarations? Dragons? Nightmarish worlds and fire? These elements of the trailer aren’t going to surprise anyone who has paid attention or played any Souls games or even enough RPGs. Yet, with these peeks we also know that this is just the beginning and we have probably not even really scratched the surface as to the full experience.

Due to the open world and a more player-directed pacing, FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki has said in interviews that he does think that more players will finish this one than some of the previous releases. With worldbuilding collaboration from George R.R. Martin, that influence also can’t hurt the appeal. 

Your adventure can begin on Friday on PC and consoles. The game will unlock at 12 AM ET on Friday for consoles and 6 PM ET on Thursday on PC. See more details over at Elden Ring.


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