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Elden Ring Adds PvP Arenas in New Free Colosseums DLC

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Elden Ring is not done occupying your hours of time, and FromSoftware’s game is now coming to sate your hunger for a good PvP challenge. The new free Colosseum update, out today, brings arena competition and some new hair style options to look your best while competing.

The free DLC adds three new colosseums, each with its own set of challenges and rule sets. These new arenas are the Limgrave Colosseum, located in Limgrave, the Royal Colosseum in Leyndell, and the Caelid Colosseum in, where else, Caelid.

There are two modes featured in the Limgrave Colosseum, United Combat and Combat Ordeal. In the first, everyone gets split into two teams, with the goal of earning more points than your opponents. How you do that is through timed battles, scoring points for the opposing team with each death and respawn. In Combat Ordeal, it’s a free for all version, with everyone getting down to battle in timed battle. You can respawn as needed. The combatant with the most points when the timer runs out is the winner of the whole competition.

The Royal Colosseum is where you might go if you’re feeling particularly confident. There’s just one mode here, Duel Mode, and it is exactly what it says. A duel to the death, with no respawns. 

The last of the new arenas, the Caelid Colosseum features all three of the above modes, except that you can take advantage of summoning Spirit Ashes to help in the fight. 

In order to engage in Elden Ring’s new PvP modes, you can queue on your own or use group passwords to play with or against your friends. Or maybe solo if you want to duel. 

If the new PvP arenas weren’t enough, FromSoftware has also added five new hairstyles to use for character customization. In case your character needs a bit of a refresh before jumping into strategic combat.

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