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Eighth Playable Race Coming in "Immortality" Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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When Allods Online is updated to v8.0 "Immortality", players will have a new race to play called the Aed. Aeds have innate Psionic abilities that allow them to trade places with enemies as long as they are within line of sight. 

Other abilities include:

  • Scout - a trap that immobilizes and kills them slowly
  • Mage - energy is spent two times more slowly
  • Bard - enemies are purged of helpful buffs, party members are healed
  • Templar - strong defense through barriers for ten seconds
  • Priest - purge control effects and buff against further attempts
  • Warrior - increase to Anger and Stability

You can read the full post on the Allods Online site.


Suzie Ford

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