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EG7 Transfers PlanetSide 2 Development to Toadman Interactive, Releases 2024 Development Roadmap

Casey Bell Posted:
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EG7 is transferring development of PlanetSide 2 away from Rogue Planet Games to Toadman Interactive, another subsidiary of the company. It's important to note that Toadman Interactive is a separate entity from Daybreak Games, who sold the PlanetSide 2 IP earlier this year to Bay Tree Tower Limited. This announcement was made as part of a letter to the community that also revealed the game’s 2024 development roadmap.

In its first letter, Toadman Interactive laid out its vision for the game as one focused on highlighting its most “unique aspects” and “improving the general game experience.”

These goals were outlined in a bit more detail with three major principles highlighted.

  • Focus on what makes PlanetSide 2 great, rebalance content and mechanics, and address community pain points.
  • Add in more objective-based goals for players as part of the game’s core gameplay loop to better tap into the game’s potential
  • Emphasize themes, lore, and worldbuilding with each major game update

The roadmap that followed offered some more concrete information on what’s coming next. A rework of the Sunderer and the introduction of a new assault facility and game mode, which will be released sometime in the July to September window, are arguably the biggest pieces that align with the goals Toadman Interactive laid out above.

As far as who Toadman Interactive are, they are also owned by Swedish gaming conglomerate Enad Global 7, and have helped consult on games from Warhammer: End Times - Verminitide, as well as supported Daybreak's other MMOs. The studio is also working on a first-person Vampire shooter, Evil V Evil.

For more details on the roadmap, read the full letter over at the official PlanetSide 2 website.


Casey Bell