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Eden Rising 'Game Changer' Update Coming on October 18th

By Suzie Ford on October 08, 2018 | News | 0

The Eden Rising: Supremacy Steam page has been updated with the news that the "Game Changer" update will be going live on October 18th. There are tons of new and improved features coming that devs say will be a "whole new beginning for Eden Rising".

Some of the significant features include:

  • Combat Updates where interactions will be more "fluent" and that are designed to increase reaction time
  • a new tutorial and "onboarding" experience
  • brand new tech trees and item upgrading 
  • a new UI
  • Crucibles will have "Tiers" of sieges. "Completing a tier means you can unlock a whole new branch of that Crucible’s tech tree (new weapons! new items!) and use your Essence rewards to improve Crucible camps across the game."
  • monster behaviors and abilities have been retooled
  • damage feedback to provide the best information possible for attacks
  • sieges have been overhauled
  • siege scoring updated

You can check out the full update notes on the Eden Rising: Supremacy Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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