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Echo of Soul Welcomes Massive Changes in 3.0 Update

It's Blue...Da ba dee da ba di

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Aeria Games’ Echo of Soul has announced it’s 3.0 Update release last week is available for play, which tweaks many of the games systems such as the pet system, the mission system and balance adjustments.

You can read all about the update from the patch notes, but here are some bullet points that will give you a high-level overview of what has changed in Echo of Soul 3.0: The Blue.

  • Maximum level expanded to 99.
  • The addition of high-level EPIC equipment
  • Pet System revamp
  • Deification Skills added
  • a complete overhaul of the Mission System
  • an entirely new in-game currency system
  • improvements to the Cash Shop System and UI
  • balance adjustments
  • several new convenience improvements
  • the all-new Premium Plus and Premium Buff Service

This update, along with its extensive number of changes is live now, and available to play. The update is so extensive that the Echo of Souls team had posted information regarding the transition from Echo of Souls: Phoenix to Echo of Souls: Blue indicating that characters will transfer over, like they did when they originally transferred from Classic to Phoenix. If you haven’t popped into the game in a while, Blue may be the time to check out all of the new systems and features on display.


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