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Earn Triple Payouts in Showdown Modes in Red Dead Online This Week

Plus ongoing Twitch Prime benefits and discounts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Triple payouts await for Showdown modes in Red Dead Online this week.

You can earn triple money in all Showdown Modes, including this week’s Gun Rush Featured Series. Additionally, all Trader Resupplies are free this week, while all Moonshine Mash refills are also free. The Veteran’s Collection reward can be earned by finding the 1792 Quarter, Old Tom Gin and Aubrey Onyx Ring, and returning the complete set to Madam Nazar.

You can also take advantage of 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher Table. New Weapon Discounts include Free Gun Oil, 60% off all Ammunition, 50% off all Melee Weapons and Thrown Weapons, and 40% off all Guns and Pamphlets

Ongoing Twitch Prime Bonuses this week include a RDO$1,000 bonus, plus 6,000 Trader XP, and 50 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs. Finally, ongoing Twitch Prime Discounts include 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher Table, along with 40% off a Horse, a Stable Stall, and a Shotgun.

Learn more about this week’s update at Rockstar Newswire.


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