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Earn Tons of Dilithium Ore & a New Combat Pet in Star Trek Online's Console Breach Event

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The Star Trek Online team has posted a new note for high level Captains about the return of the Breach Special Event on console. From now through November 6th Captains of levels 50-65 can take off with four other Captains to take on the Voth City Ship. Doing so yields a Voth Operative Transmission. Once 14 are collected, the sound of the cash register chimes as players take home 50k Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of choice and, best of all, the Bio-Engineered Furiadon Combat pet!

The Bio-Engineered Furiadon Combat Pet can be summoned to briefly assist you in heated battle. Equipped with head-mounted twin anti-proton lasers and capable of a vicious bite, the Bio-Engineered Furiadon is an excellent ally to have in nearly any combat situation.

BONUS! Once the new main reputation project is complete, a brand-new bonus Voth Operative Transmission project will become available to slot. Completing this will earn players 2,000 Dilithium Ore, 50 Fleet Marks, and 35 Marks of their choice.

Read all of the details on the Star Trek Online site.


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