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Earn Double XP This Weekend in Fallout 76

Plus Season 2 ends soon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re hopping into Fallout 76 this weekend, good news! You can take advantage of double XP all weekend long.

The double XP weekend actually starts today and will run through December 14 as outlined by this Tweet. Additionally, in case you missed it, Season 2 for Fallout 76 is concluding on December 15. You have just a few more days left! The reminder was shared on Twitter earlier,

“#Fallout76 Season 2 is coming to a close on December 15th!

Be sure to grab any last minute board rewards before Season 3 begins that same day.”

Finally, Bethesda appeared to remove dynamic store items temporarily while introducing double SCORE week. This was to combat an issue where the discount for purchasing the dynamic bundles were not applying properly. They provided the following reasoning previously,

“As an update here, we've removed dynamic bundles from the Atomic Shop until this issue is resolved. In the meantime we've replaced them with normal bundles while the team works on a fix. Thanks again for reporting this!”


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