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Early Access CRPG Black Geyser Adds Mac And Linux Support

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness has been in early access for about six weeks now, and in that time the studio has pushed around 12 major updates centered around community feedback. Today's addition of Mac and Linux support is one such update, fulfilling a long community request.

The team over at GrapeOcean Technologies has been focusing mainly on feedback from Early Access adopters, and the addition of Mac and Linux support is a "significant milestone" in that regard, according to Director and Founder David Zakal via a press release.

"Adding Mac & Linux support for Black Geysers marks a significant milestone for the game. It was one of our earliest Kickstarter promises, and we wanted to do it right. Coupled with our updates that continue to make significant improvements, we're ensuring we listen to our community and prioritize their feedback.”

The update which hit today doesn't just add support for the new OSes, but also improves performance, as well as tweaks party mechanics, such tweaking revives based on the difficulty you're playing on. Additionally, pathing has been improved while using a formation, keeping party members from scrambling over walls when following the command.

Black Geyser is a tactical CRPG that hearkens back to traditional RPGS on PC, with tactical combat, an isometric view and the ability to create a custom hero from 13 different classes and 5 races. You can check out the early access CRPG on Steam.


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