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Early Access Begins - Join Up for $29.99

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Rend has officially entered Steam Early Access. Players who would like a chance to take part can do so for $29.99. Rend features three factions and team-based gameplay in order to survive against all comers. Players will find RPG mechanics, faction combat, and survival elements.

Rend pairs RPG mechanics, sandbox elements, factional combat, and massive battles with win/loss conditions to introduce a new gaming experience to the survival genre.

Rend takes inspiration from the motifs of ancient Norse mythology to bring players a colorful world of epic battles and survival-based gameplay. To accommodate the various gameplay styles, Rend will host official servers – including Conquest servers that eliminate the magical shield protecting each faction’s base – as well as support private servers for players who are interested in customizing the game’s rulesets and their overall in-game experience.

Learn more on the Rend Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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