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EA Executive Staff Declines Yearly Bonus to Add It to the General Bonus Pool

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The top executives at Electronic Arts have turned down their yearly bonus pay for fiscal year 2019. According to documents filed with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, CEO Andrew Wilson, CFO Blake Jorgensen, CTO Ken Moss, Marketing Officer Chris Bruzzo and former Chief Design Officer Patrick Soderlund have asked that the $5.5M bonus pay they were to receive be placed into the general bonus pool for all employees at EA.

Fiscal 2019 was a year of intense competition in the video game industry. While there were many achievements this year that we are proud of, after generating strong financial results and robust stockholder returns from fiscal 2014 through fiscal 2018, we did not perform to our expectations during fiscal 2019. Given the Company’s fiscal 2019 financial performance, and in order to maintain alignment with our pay-for-performance executive compensation philosophy, our CEO and his staff (including the NEOs) requested that they receive no performance cash bonus award for fiscal 2019.

The measure was accepted by the Compensation Committee with funds returned to the general bonus pool.

As a point of reference, in fiscal 2019, Andrew Wilson took home $18.2M in salary and compensation while the median employee salary is $92,000 (200:1).

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