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EA App for PC Will Be Ready to Replace Origin Soon; Mac Users Must Wait A Bit Longer

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PC users can soon say goodbye to Origin for playing their games from EA. After a couple of years of work and beta testing, EA has announced the EA App. The initial release will be for PC only, so Mac users will still need to use origin for the time being.

EA announced the app was just about ready in a new blog post, saying that after 10 years of Origin being the platform for EA games, that its time is coming to a close on PC. This came after feedback on Origin–and who among us did not have some issues with it over the past decade–and they’re calling the new EA App “a faster, more reliable, and more streamlined gaming experience”.

So what is the difference? EA says it is faster and lighter as a PC client, with a streamlined design that should make Discovery easier, as well as access to your library. The new app will support automatic game downloads and background updates, as well as a number of other options. 

One of the other  features is what they are calling the "ultimate friends list". If you connect your EA account to platforms like steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, you can be recognizable across platforms and know what your friends are playing and where they're playing it.

There is no date announced yet for when players can begin transitioning their accounts over to the new EA platform. Looking for a smooth transition where everyone will get an invite to transition over to the new app on PC. All of your games and content, including previously installed content, and your local and Cloud saves, to transfer over. Your friends list will also transfer when you make the move.

Alongside the PC announcement, they released a special update just for Mac users, letting them know that there’s nothing to announce there just yet, and to continue using Origin for the time being.



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