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E3 Update #2: Wed. Evening

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Day #1 at the E3 Expo has come to a close.  Reed Hubbard has completed his report on the second half of the day, including a few more pictures.  A preview is below:

With an attendance of approximately 1 trillion people, E3 can get a bit crowded at times. There are a lot of people here, and most all of them are gamers clamoring to see the new stuff on display. Being a reporter from a MMO site, my focus is admittedly limited, but the game fan in me is just as interested in Battlefield 2 and SOCOM3 as I am in Dark and Light or Age of Conan. Even so, it’s exhausting to negotiate throngs of people just to get a 5-minute glimpse of a high profile title.

That’s why it’s nice to visit a booth that’s a bit off the beaten path, such as Mythic’s. Occupying a large space in one of the smaller halls, the area occupied by the creators of Dark Age of Camelot and the upcoming Imperator is a good place to get away from the crowd and focus on the company’s games. At 5:30, an invitation only event was a good place to cool one’s heels and speak with the company representatives, but this quiet spot would turn out to be one of the most exciting places in the whole event.

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Craig McGregor