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E3 Update #1: Wed. Morning

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Our E3 team has completed their rounds for Day 1.  They hit a lot of different booths and took a pile of notes and pictures.  Reed Hubbard put together a short preview of what they have seen so far.  A snippet is below:

Buried beneath the flashy veneer of scantily clad models, overbearingly loud multimedia displays, and teeming hordes of swag-gatherers, there is an actual industry show going on here. This is E3 – the Entertainment and Electronics Expo – and it is the showcase for the ever-expanding video game industry.

Spread across several exhibit halls within the Los Angeles Convention Center, just navigating the E3 floor can be a hazard. Hundreds of exhibitors are vying for the attention of all, and with the Xbox 360, the PSP, and other high profile products, the competition is fierce. However, MMOs are here in full force and a number of them are making their presence known in a clash of sound and fury strong enough to rival any comer.

To read it all, click here!


Craig McGregor