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E3 2023 Set for In-Person Return in June, PAX Organizer ReedPop Joins as Partner

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Just weeks after a series of showcases that were there to fill the gap left by not having an E3 event this year for the third time during the ongoing pandemic, the Entertainment Software Association, which had promised a return to in-person E3 in 2023, made good on some details.

The new E3 will take place in June 2023 and be produced in partnership with ReedPop, the company behind shows like PAX, Star Wars Celebration, and New York Comic Con.

The return to an in-person event was announced via GamesIndustry.biz (which is owned by ReedPop), and didn’t come with many details. It’s clear that there’s still much organizing behind the scenes happening and to come, but what we do know is that the event will happen during the second week of June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The convention center has been E3’s traditional home, so it’s a homecoming of sorts.

The 2023 event will be both in-person and feature digital showcases, and once again, some of the show will be open to consumers.  There will be more info released in the months to come, and more about the structure of the event will also be confirmed later. 

In the absence of a big central E3 during the pandemic, there was still much news coming out in June as companies took the opportunity to present a look ahead at their lineups. Last month, big showcases by Sony, Microsoft, and shows like the Summer Games Fest were all there to offer a peek at what we can open our wallets for this year and next.

The addition of a top organizer ReedPop as a partner comes as E3 has had a few years off and some have even questioned the need for huge central shows. There’s no doubt that E3 has changed some over the years, including with the sales of tickets to the public, which will continue, so we’ll have to wait and see what 2023 will offer.


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