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E3 2021: The Outer Worlds 2's Self-Aware Trailer Is Exactly What E3 Needed

That BWAAAAH Sound, tho

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Today during the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021, Obsidian revealed they are working on a sequel to their hit RPG in the best way possible: with a totally self-aware trailer.

The Outer Worlds 2 is a game that Obsidian even admits the "only thing they have finished" is the title thus far, and will see players explore a new solar system with a new crew - at least according to the official YouTube video description.

The trailer though is a self-aware commentary on the ridiculousness of game trailers in this industry, and it's a refreshing reminder that even the people who market the games are aware of how formulaic their marketing has become.

The trailer itself doesn't show any gameplay (beause it's not finished), the creature in the trailer is "gone forever" because it's not in the game. Even the main character is just a silhoutte, simply because the "developers haven't finished the design."

You can check out the over-the-top trailer, complete with lens flares, sweeping vistas and slow-mo action shots guaranteed to "bolster pre-sale numbers." in the embed below.

This isn't the only game Obsidian is working on, mind you, as the studio is also working on Grounded as well as the upcoming Avowed, which wasn't seen at the showcase at all, though the team did touch on the latter in a post on Xbox Wire.


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