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E3 2021: Naraka: Bladepoint Shows Off Its Chainsaw Ahead Of Its Next Major Beta Test

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Stylish battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint took to the PC Gaming Show today to give a glimpse at a new weapon ahead of its upcoming release. The chainsaw is coming to the buy-to-play battle royale when Naraka releases this August.

Earlier in the day, Naraka announced its release date, which will be hitting on August 12th on Steam. The brawling battle royale also released its pricing structure, with the standard edition landing at $20 going up to $49.99 for the ultimate edition, the differences being the amount of costumes, as well as a new hero in the ultimate bundle.

During the PC Gaming Show, the team showed off some more gameplay, including the reveal of another weapon coming to the Bladepoint arena: the chainsaw. While the battle royale game does have ranged combat (especially when you consider how much parkour and verticality play into positioning on the battlefield), melee is really where it's at. 

You can check out the trailer, complete with giant chainsaw, in the embed below. In case you're wondering how Naraka feels in action, you can check out our impressions of the recent test, as well as check out the upcoming beta, which hits on June 16th.


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