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E3 2021: Guardians Of The Galaxy Won't Feature Microtransactions, Coming October 26th

Or DLC for that matter

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Square Enix kicked off their showcase today during E3 2021 with their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game. The single player adventure game will also reportedly not feature any microtransactions or even DLC for that matter.

That bit of reporting comes to us via Eurogamer, who got to see Guardians in the Galaxy ahead of the E3 reveal today. During the media session, it was  revealed that the single-player, story adventure game will not feature microtransactions or even DLC after its initial launch on October 26th. 

"There isn't going to be any DLC for this game, there isn't going to be any microtransactions," Senior narrative director Mary DeMarle told Eurogamer. DeMarle goes on to say that it's "very important" to their team that everything the player can get in-game is there on day one, ready to get, from costumes to character abilities.

For Galaxy itself, the gameplay reveal showed off some of, well, the game itself in action, as well as leaned into some fo the story tidbits that aim to make it unique. Guardians of the Galaxy is meant to be a story-driven narrative where player choice affects the outcome. Via Square Enix:

"Equipped with Star-Lord’s jet boots and Element Blasters, as well as the unique abilities of each Guardian, you will be facing a variety of enemies across the galaxy. You are the (so-called) leader of this group of outlaws, and the decisions you make throughout the story will have repercussions: some light-hearted, some more unexpected, and can affect how certain sequences play out."

You can check out the gameplay reveal, complete with the type of quirky antics you might expect from Star-Lord and crew, complete with 80s soundtrack, in the embed below.


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