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E3 2010: "Hope" Cinematic Trailer

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Bioware reveled the second full-length cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic at the EA Press Conference at this year's E3.

"Hope" serves as a prequel of sorts to the "Deceived" trailer shown at last year's E3. The etrailer focuses on the Battle of Alderaan, one of the most horrific battles in the Republic's history. Darth Malgus, who had just recently been promoted, has launched a surprise attack (the first of many, judging by the Deceived trailer) against the forces of the Republic on Alderaan while the Republic fleet is lured light years away in a feint attack staged elsewhere. Not all is lost, however, as Havoc Squad, an elite unit of Republic Troopers launches a last ditch attack against Malgus' forces, which ultimately results in a battle between Havoc, a lone Jedi Consular and Malgus himself.

Click the above image or go here to watch the trailer.


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