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Dynamight's Jacopo Pietro Gallelli Looks Back on Fractured Online's Big 2021, and Gives a Peek at What's Coming

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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As we come to the very end of 2021, Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli looks back on Fractured Online’s significant year and gives us a little taste of what we can expect in 2022.

The game’s first two major alpha tests happened in the spring and the fall. They implemented lots of tools, new skills, tech trees, and took us along the way as they made changes even between the spring and the fall tests. For fall, they took feedback and data and brought some additions and overhauls, including a rework of the whole equipment progression system and adding dozens of skills. The fall alpha also expanded on PVE content, opened world events, trade and mail systems. It also introduced city sieges and conquest options.

Of course, the most major news of the year has to be the publishing deal with Gamigo, which is set to release the game with a targeted late 2022 window. Gamigo is usually associated with licensing and publishing after development, so this is a top-to-bottom deal that will see the studio retain IP rights but have a publishing partner that backs development and marketing. Dynamite is already looking to grow its team.

Looking ahead into 2022, their plans will continue to build upon the systems in place and build out the world and lore. 

  A major backend engine update, bringing dramatic server performance improvements. 

    A?second continent?for Syndesia (hello, Nordic landscapes!). 

    The introduction of?Wildfolk aka Beastmen?and the first continent of planet Arboreus. 

    The introduction of?Demons?and the first continent of planet Tartaros.

    New world events, seasons, religions, additional languages, and much more for both individual players and guilds to enjoy! 

So how about beta? They do plan a beta in 2022 and once that begins, the plan is to keep the servers open 24 hours a day with just one full wipe before release. Of course, game development being what it is, there could be additional wipes or changes but this seems to be the plan.

Head over to Fractured Online for the full end of year letter.


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