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Dynamight Sets Fractured Online Data Transfer to Gamigo With a FAQ on What to Expect

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Dynamight Studios team is preparing for a user data transfer and a change in operations over at the Fractured Online website and social platforms. With this will also come a data transfer of all user data and purchases over to Gamigo. 

This transfer will begin on February 1st, and there is an option to opt-out of the data transfer, but if you do so, you will not be able to play Fractured Online. And if you do opt-out, if you made any purchases or bought a package, there won’t be any refunds. 

These and other questions about the upcoming transfer are addressed in a new FAQ on what to expect and how the process will go. One item addressed is that when the data is transferred, it is still protected by some EU contractual clauses. 

The Dynamight team also pledges to remain around and active on the Fractured Online forums, Discord, and be otherwise present. Gamigo’s team will be running the community platforms and the devs will do their work and still pledge to remain active. With the history of Fractured Online up until this point, the Dynamight team has been there with the community so it’s unsurprising that they will want to remain around to communicate with and within the community.

Ultimately, due to the Gamigo deal to help with development and to publish the game, the company will need player data to proceed. If you do agree to the transfer, then the process will then require that you set up a Glyph account with Gamigo. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has played any of Gamigo’s offerings before.

Dynamight and Gamigo are targeting a release for late this year for Fractured Online, and with the data transfer, it’s likely that we’ll also be starting to get more ramped up information on what to expect from this quarter in development and testing.

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