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Dynamight Reveals Stretch Goals as Funding Approaches 80%

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest update on the Fractured site and KickStarter page provide fans with a look at the stretch goals that will be added to the game if the funding initiative completes successfully. Currently, Fracture's KickStarter is at $95k of the proposed $116.5k goal with just under a week to go.

Stretch goals include:

  • Labyrinth Dungeon Crawler - "A hardcore survival challenge in a procedurally-generated dungeon" (110k Euro)
  • Baby Dragon Hatchling for 650 backers
  • Lich Transformation (120k Euro)
  • Kickstarter Trophy - All backers receive a wall trophy commemorating the KickStarter campaign (700 backers)
  • Labyrinth Level II - "An additional level for the Labyrinth with a new set of rooms (130k Euro)
  • Free VIP Month - 750 backers
  • Enhanced Character Creation - "Plenty of customization options for your character's looks" (140k Euro)
  • Kickstarter Cape - 800 backers
  • Labyrinth Level III (150k Euro)
  • Free Carpenter Month - 850 backers
  • Fishing - 160k Euro
  • Unique Weapon FX - 900 backers
  • Labyrinth Level IV - 170k Euro
  • Unique Spell FX - 1000 backers
  • Animal Taming - 180k Euro

Check out the Fractured site to learn more.


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