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Dying to Try Battle for Azeroth? Well, You SORTA Can with the Pre-Patch Update on PTR

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The World of Warcraft PTR has been updated to v8.0 that brings the pre-event quests and events in for testing. Anyone can take part by copying over an existing max-level character and diving in. 8.0 content includes many of the big changes coming to WoW with the launch of BfA including the global cooldown changes, talent and utility changes, the removal of most Artifact abilities.

Other things PTR players will find include:

  • GCD changes
  • class changes
  • new talents
  • new utilities
  • War Mode that toggles world PvP on or off
  • Battleground queuing
  • the updated Community UI
  • the stat squish
  • updated professions
  • Burning of Teldrassil scenes and quests
  • Battle for Lordaeron
  • Silithus changes

So, if you've been dying to try out some of the big changes coming in Battle for Azeroth or want to see for yourself some of the story elements, now's your chance.

You can update your PTR via the Battle.Net launcher. Head on over to WoWHead for detailed guides and much more.


Suzie Ford

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