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Dying Light 2 Shows Nearly 30 Minutes Of 4K 60fps Gameplay

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Dying Light 2 showed off nearly 30 minutes of gameplay, showcasing parkour and plenty of action.

Most likely captured on PC, the 4K 60fps gameplay brief is described thusly,

“The mission we are about to see is crucial for the narrative. The city is on the brink of destruction as drinking water is just about to end. Our guide and friend, Frank believes that the only person that can solve the drinking water problem is the colonel, a man with a bad reputation, who leads a group called The Renegades from the city's pumping station. Frank uses his status to call a meeting between the renegades and the officers from the two main factions that operate in the city. Our game's protagonist - Aiden Caldwell - is invited as well. And he's just about to join the others.”

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