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During Star Conflict's Moon Landing Anniversary Event, You Can Snag a Free Ship

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StarGem and Gaijin Entertainment are in a celebratory mood thanks to the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's historic landing on the moon. As part of the celebration, players can take part in a three-month-long Moon Race event that features tons of rewards culminating with the Custodian, an exclusive frigate to be added to players' fleets.

The Moon Race consists of three distinct phases, each made up of 30 stages. Pilots can fight in any Star Conflict game mode to gain the temporary in-game currency Xenochips, which can be used to unlock stages of the Moon Race. By unlocking stages, players gain different rewards, ranging from in-game credits, experience boosters, unique cosmetic items, premium account boost licenses and even premium ships. While the first and every fifth stage are open to all pilots, access to all of the stages is reserved only to buyers of the ‘Lunar Pass’.

Moon Race also begins a period of beta testing of the new PvE mission called Temple of Last Hope.

Check out the Star Conflict site for more information.


Suzie Ford

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