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Dungeons and Dragons Online's Snowpeaks Festival Live

Slay champions, earn coins, get rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Snowpeaks Festival is live in Dungeons & Dragons Online bringing a bunch of rewards for you to earn.

A new champion type has arrived called the Scourge of the Snowpeaks. If you take them down, you’ll be able to open a chest rewarding you with bronze, silver, or gold Snowpeak Coins. You can then you use these coins in the Hall of Heroes (go see Flurry) to receive some rewards.

The rewards list for January includes the following:

  • Festive Augment of Charisma
  • Festive Augment of Dexterity
  • Ruby of the Snowpeaks (adds Freezing Ice and Cold damage)
  • Ruby of the Iron Hand (Adds Cold Iron damage type bypass)
  • Craftable Trinket (+5)
  • Festivult Armor
  • Festivult Crown
  • Festivult Cloak
  • Crown of Frost
  • Snowman Pet Certificate
  • Polar Bear Pet Certificate
  • Cookies
  • Candy Cane
  • Snow Elemental Gem
  • Icy Potions of Jumping, Haste, Superior Freeze V, Chill Shield, Feather Fall, Protection from Fire, Resist Fire, and Frostbite
  • Trade In: Gold to Silver
  • Trade In: Silver to Bronze

Good luck!


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