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Dungeons And Dragons Online's Isle of Dread Ticks Up MMO's Level Cap For The First Time Since 2015, Out Now

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest expansion for the long-running MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online has launched today, bringing players to a new island teeming with prehistoric threats. Isle of Dread takes players to a new area full of quests, adventure and more. 

Isle of Dread is a module that will see players uncover the dealings of the mysterious cult of Vecna where players will need to navigate traps like tarpits, ancient ruins as well as deal with some rather giant creatures: dinosaurs. Players can also check out the new playable race, the Tabaxi, as well as the new Trailblazer class.

Fittingly, the new dangers and adventure that awaits players has seen Standing Stone Games increase the level cap for the first time since 2015, raising the cap to level 32. 

You can check out the new expansion today, with three versions available to purchase, with the website showing the pricing starting at $39.99 and ranging until $129.99 for the Ultimate Fan bundle. The differences between the different editions are down to the digital goods that come with the content, including locking the new Trailblazer class behind the Ultimate Fan Bundle, as well as cosmetics, mounts and more.

You can learn more about Dungeons & Dragons Online: Isle of Dread on the official website.


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