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Dungeons and Dragons Online Will Overhaul Epics, Trees, and More in Major Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next update for Dungeons and Dragons Online is a major one. Not only are Epic Destinies and Feats being adjusted and balanced in new ways, but there are also big changes coming to a number of builds and trees, along with some more fixes, item changes, and maintenance.

The first big change incoming is that Epic Destinies are being completely overhauled. The entire system is being redone to provide, what the dev team calls "a cohesive leveling experience from levels 20-30 and beyond". Some of the basic changes mean that you can be in a maximum of three Epic Destinies at a time, so the three trees you think best for your character will be the ones you can set. After hitting level 20, you'll earn Destiny Points to slot into whichever three trees suit you, and you'll be able to reset them and swap to a new tree. The new change to Destiny Points also intends to let players earn them more steadily.

The trees themselves have also been changed in some ways, mixing them between new changes for this overhauled system, and the current familiar abilities. The team took a look at the Epic Destinies and what made them work, and what frustrated the community, and took the opportunity to make changes that will not only keep the earlier parts of the journey a bit more consistent, but should also make new players and new alts more viable in terms of time and play as well. Veterans won't be forgotten. If you've already gotten a character to cap on all Epic Destinies, you'll get a special cloak to commemorate the now defunct option.

Overall, the process seems designed to smooth out the progression process, and will shift not just Epic Destinies and trees, but Feats, which no longer have sphere requirements, since spheres are being retired). The new, streamlined system also does away with Epic Destiny XP and Karma. At level 20, there will be a tutorial introducing Epic Destinies and all 12 paths will be unlocked for choice. Epic XP is earned the same way, and will sit beside the regular XP bar to show you how you are earning it under the new simpler process.

There's so much more in the update, and you can check out the full announcement of what to expect in the Update 51 package. Dungeons and Dragons Online is the latest game, especially among long running titles, to make the earlier portion simplified and more welcoming to new players or even just those who want to create some more alts.


Christina Gonzalez

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