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Dungeons and Dragons Online Update Fixes Several Issues and Opens Sixth Permadeath Hardcore League

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From now through October 24th, those who think they can handle everything Dungeons and Dragons Online can throw at them are free to try to show it in the rankings by participating in the sixth season of Hardcore League. The event begins today, and there’s a new update too.

The new update corrects an issue with the new Skeletons in the Closet raid that is now available for those who own Isle of Dread. The raid was added but wasn’t working at first, so now  it can be completed. Also affecting this raid is a fix in the update that makes sure that all raid enemies are in the correct Monster Manuals. 

The update also addresses several important bugs like one that was preventing characters from moving when the game loaded and another one that was preventing the Vile Chemist’s defense roll from actually functioning.

The Hardcore League is your time to shine if you’re looking to risk it all for the glory. Since the challenge does feature permadeath, there is something to be said of choosing to even try it out. Yet DDO has been around for some time, so there are obviously enough players talented or foolish enough to have sustained this event through six seasons so far.

There are two ladders by which your progress is measured: one for doing as many quests as possible and the second for surviving the game’s hardest mode. Each letter will see its top 100 ranked winners in the Hall of Heroes. If you’re feeling up to it, you can choose to join the Hardcore server from the server list. If your character dies at any point, whether you find yourself in the jaws of a monster or simply fall off a cliff, you’re dead and can never play on the Hardcore server again with that character. If you die, you can transfer your character to a non hardcore server when the league ends. 

For more on the event, see the details here. Head over here for Dungeons & Dragons Online update notes.


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