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Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 57 Adds a New Toggle and Changes to Support New and Melee Players

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Dungeons & Dragons Online is adding a new type of damage toggle, and making some other changes to support newer and melee-oriented players in the latest update, Grip of the Hidden Hand. 

This is update 57 for DDO, and it’s set to go live tomorrow. It adds a new toggle called Imbue, which You add extra damage to attacks.  The damage bonuses can be specific to weapon type, combat-style, or you can also focus it on melee or ranged attack type. When you use Imbues, their damage is scaled with the use of bonus Imbue dice, but you can also see scaling with attack types. This new type will replace some of the procs from some existing abilities in enchantment trees. With this change, those bonus benefits will boost the Imbue dice.

Another shift in the update is a balance change that is designed to help players who prefer melee roles, or who are simply newer to the game, to find their place and viability in heroic level gameplay. In order to do this, there are some changes to Class hit dice, heroic durability, and additional changes. Class hit dice with a level of d4 will now have d6, and some classes –Bard, Artificer, and Rogue–go up to 28. Ranger’s dice now will be d10. There are a number of other changes to support these balance tweaks, including some new early bonuses to help players out.

Also in Update 57 is a bit of an overhaul to Falconry, also for better playability, as well as a series of bug fixes and some UI changes in support of some other updates. Many of the bugs fixed include making sure a variety of spells are working as intended. There are also changes that let you organize items in the Reincarnation Bank.

For the complete notes, head over to Dungeons & Dragons Online


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