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Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 46 Preview 1 Now On Test Server

Adventure pack and new named loot too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Update 46 Preview 1 is available on the test server. Here’s what you need to know.

The update addresses several items, notably the new adventure pack The Lost Gatekeepers, and new named loot. The Lost Gatekeepers features five quests which you can begin by talking to the questgiver NPC in Test Dojo. These are the quests:

  • The Home of Memory 3/32
  • Heart of the Problem 3/32
  • Rosemary's Ballad 3/32
  • The Sacred Bounty 3/32 (NOTE: This quest is not available in Preview 1)
  • Housekeeping 3/32

New named loot includes belts, boots, bracers, cloaks, gloves, necklaces, rings, shields, trinkets, and more. Here are some character-specific notes for this update:

  • Druid - Ghost pack will no longer make players in wolf form untargetable to other players
  • Paladins no longer gain the benefits of T4 Vigor of Life without training the enhancement first.
  • Paladin: Righteous Command now requires level 2 paladin spell components.
  • Sanctified Vial works with the described level prerequisites.
  • Fixed Typos in the following locations:
    • Druid: Nature's Warrior: Ghost Wolf Pack
    • Cleric: Radiant Servant: Pacifism
    • Max level chat message


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