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Dungeons & Dragons Online Marks 16th Anniversary and Permantly Unlocks More Races & Classes For Free

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 The latest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online, update 53 Hunter and Hunted will be out tomorrow. The update includes a new Adventure Pack,  the return of the anniversary event to celebrate the 16th year of d d o, and several races and classes from the core D&D Players Handbook have now been permanently unlocked free for everyone.

The new content pack Hunter and Hunted is included for VIPs and available to buy in the DDO store. It contains two dungeons  end a level 32 raid at legendary difficulty. The included quests in the content are level 7 on heroic difficulty. If you're looking for something new, you can start your adventure tomorrow.

The  Anniversary Event is back and because it's the 16th year of DDO , they're giving away some cosmetic outfits that  will be account-bound when obtained. Once a day characters can go and speak to the Anniversary Djinn outside the anniversary dungeon and pick an outfit once a day through December 31st 2022. The anniversary event itself runs through March 20th. There are several new items,  including masks and caplets and even some new changes, new dialogue, secrets and jokes to the events this year. There are also several previous anniversary gifts into the barter vendors stock.

Everyone will also be able to play the following races from the D&D Player’s Handbook as free  permanent unlocks. The now-unlocked races are Dragonborn, Drow, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Tiefling, and Wood-elf. The newly unlocked classes are Druid, Monk, and Warlock. Players that have already purchased these races and classes will get a Greater Elixir of Discovery for each one they owned prior to the release of update 53. 

With the Drow being permanently unlocked for all, Warforged is now going to be awarded on a per-server basis at 400 Favor. If you have already reached 400 and unlocked Drow, you will unlock Warforged on login.

The rest of the update is concerned with some class tweaks and UI changes as well as other improvements, and you can read the full list here. 


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