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Dungeons & Dragons Online - Level Cap Increase Has Been Postponed

A Postponement Until Maybe 2021?

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a short Dungeons & Dragons Online forum post by associate producer Cory “Cocomajobo” Knowles, an explanation was in order of why the level cap increase that was slated to hit the game has been postponed. The postponement was levied on the global crisis that they concede has affected their ability to keep their production schedule.

The team at Standing Stone Games believes they will be able to get these features into the game sometime in 2021, though there is a caveat that even that target date is subject to change. You can read the entirety of the post in the thread, or below:

“For over a year now we've been planning for and working towards a level cap increase to coincide with the release of the Feywild expansion. We believe this is a necessity for the future health of the game and have been very careful to make sure it is done in the best way possible.We built in a lengthy lead up time to allow us to iterate both internally and with the Player's Council; however, what wasn't accounted for was the possibility of a global crisis. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that, while we could push through and finish implementing the level cap increase and all of the changes related to it (such as a highly rumored Epic Destiny revamp to make sure they fit in the new builds ecosystem) by the end of the year, we don't want to rush forward with such widespread important changes without time to iterate and make sure we get it right.In summary, both the Level Cap Increase and the Epic Destiny Revamp are no longer planned to be released in conjunction with the Feywild Expansion. Instead, these features are tentatively planned to be completed in 2021 (Subject to change). We understand if some are disappointed, we are as well, but we hope you understand the need to get changes of this type right and not rush them out the door.”

As targets for new content get pushed back, some reflection on other problems Standing Stone Games has had recently with their servers, and stability in Lord of the Rings Online may have some players worried that things are not progressing well for the studio.


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