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Dungeons and Dragons Online - Fables of the Feywild Content is Available NOW

Cooshees for You-shee

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Unicorns, Blink dogs and Cooshees are just some of the fantastical new monsters that you can battle against in the new Dungeons and Dragons Online update, Fables of the Feywild. Myth and legend is alive and well in this new update, now available for purchase.

Adventure into the land of myth, with a new playable character race, the Shifter, as you fight your way to Heroic level 5 and Legendary Level 30. The new adventure has 13 quests, a new public zone, a new raid, and a wilderness area. Currently, there are three different tiers that you can purchase, with the standard version providing the Fables of the Feywild content. You can read more about what each version has, on the official purchase page, or see below, as to what the “Ultimate Fan Bundle” (a 129.99-dollar pack) contains:

  •  Fables of the Feywild Content
  • Shifter Character Race
  • New Universal Tree – Feydark Illusionist
  • Feywild Mosaic & Winter Eladrin Cosmetics
  • Razorclaw Iconic Hero
  • Displacer Beast Cosmetic Pet
  • White Unicorn Mount
  • Black Unicorn Mount
  • Cooshee Cosmetic Pet
  • Satyr Bard Hireling (Heroic)
  • Saryr Bard Hireling (Epic)
  • Epic Destinies Access
  • Instant Teleport item to Feywild
  • Tome of Destiny +1 for all characters
  • Character Slot

Nary a few short weeks ago, we talked about the Fables and Feywild pre-order, and if you’re a DDO player, but haven’t yet purchased it, perhaps it wasn’t enough to entice you. If you are waiting for the level cap increase before you jump back in, you may have to wait for a little bit as it has been postponed until, perhaps, 2021?


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