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Dungeons & Dragons Online Adds the Tabaxi and Opens Preorders for the Next Expansion Tomorrow

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 A new update for Dungeons & Dragons Online will be live tomorrow, and this update brings the Tabaxi into the game and the Tabaxi Trailblazer Iconic, and a series of bug fixes and UI changes. The next expansion,  Isle of Dread, will also be available to preorder ahead of its release on June 8th.

The Tabaxi are the core of this new update. This new base race consists of a feline people that look like large jungle cats. They’re fast, careful, and dexterous. This race starts in Eberron and are suited to different classes but particularly those that make use of dexterity and charisma like Monks, Bards, and Rogues.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Tabaxi are able to skill up and become elusive and cunning, as well as fast and able to deliver sharp, quick blows, getting out with less damage, and ultimately, versatile in these arts.

The Tabaxi Trailblazer is a new Iconic that begins in Sharn with a level of Monk. Those who hold the Trailblazer title, which is something passed down through generations, are moving forward. They also get the ability to negate fall damage and move quickly, their trees can also let them expand bonuses to dodge, tumble, and use their dexterity to learn how to master quarterstaves.

When it comes to other changes in the update, several of the UI changes include updates to the character sheet, which generally amounts to a visual upgrade, text changes, and some tweaks to text location. There are also some changes in how character levels are displayed. Even the character selection screen won't show your epic class levels and when you examine another player it will show their total level and their class breakdown info without epic level attached. Some of the fixes range from skills that should be working as they should to typos and text corrections. When monsters cast Flame Strike, it will damage players again. 

For more on the update, including a full breakdown of the Tabaxi, head to DDO.


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