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Dungeon Fighter 2 Rumored to be in Development

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According to Reddit (via a GameToc), Dungeon Fighter 2 is currently rumored to be in development by a company called Thingsoft, an in-house part of Neowiz. According to the original post (via Google Translate), the company began hiring developers as early as January 2017.

This is good news for those who were watching GeStar 2016 when Nexon posted a shadow image that clearly represented DFO characters.

The post goes on to give a few thoughts about what DFO2 could look like:

  • likely to retain side-scrolling action
  • updated graphics for a new generation of PCs
  • sophisticated battle system
  • 3D dungeons

It remains unclear whether this will be a true sequel, or even an MMO.

What are your thoughts about the news? Would you enjoy seeing a sequel to Dungeon Fighter Online?


Suzie Ford

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