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Dune: Spice Wars Introduces the Fremen as Next Playable Faction, Early Access Coming April 26th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Dune: Spice Wars will be opening its doors for Early Access launch on April 26th. Funcom and Shiro Games announced the date today along with a look at the fourth playable faction that will be available with this launch: the Fremen.

The Fremen are native to the planet Arrakis, and have been present (and offering resistance) during the ongoing 60-year occupation by Harkonnen forces. The Spice Wars could offer a chance to bring about the end of the occupation, as well as potentially help set Arrakis on a longer-term path to becoming a more temperate planet.   

Represented by Liet Kynes, the Fremen are less known by outsiders and have a host of knowledge that they can use, as well as are in tune with the planet’s environment. In terms of gameplay, this means that they can travel further without getting exhausted or having to worry about attracting sandworms. Since they know how to use the sandworms, they can  travel fast for a sudden strike. Because their people and tactics are less known, they specialize in stealth. This can mean a surprise attack from a hidden from an inside a sandstorm or other tactics. 

Liet Kynes is a planetologist assigned to Arrakis by the Emperor, studying the spice cycle but who also works secretly on the side to study and lead the Fremen ecological project with goals of change. 

The Fremen units specialize in holding influence over large territories and Crossing long distances fast. Warriors are the basic Fremen fighters who use both their long knives and the terrain.  Infiltrators specialize in stealth strikes and use the desert expertly. Skirmishers use grenades to ambush enemy units and leave them weakened and open to attack by their fellow fighters. Fedaykins are the elite specialists that are harder to pin down, aimed with crysknives, and get stronger the more enemies they face. Kulon Caravans keep the clan’s water and set up camp. The most effective use of those units is to set up camp and keep them out of the way because they are key to the Fremen side resupply and heal.

Early Access will begin on April 26th with the four playable factions set -Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, and the Smugglers.

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