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Dune: Spice Wars Adds Multiplayer With 2v2 and Four-Player Free For All With Extensive Customization

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Multiplayer has arrived in Dune: Spice Wars, with the addition of 2vs2 matches and a free for all mode that you can customize and also supplement with AI factions if you’d like. The update also brings improvements, a rework of development trees, and new features and regions.

The addition of multiplayer was on the roadmap that the developer released not too long ago, so it's not surprising  to see the feature adding to the strategic gameplay that the title has to offer. To start, the 2vs2 matches let you know just who’s on your side. the four-player free for all multiplayer mode ups the potential challenge and gives you many options. Each faction brings its own natures and attributes to the competition.

Choose your faction from the currently-included Atreides, Harkkonen, Fremen, or the Smugglers If you have any open spots, you can even use AI to fill them and you can tailor each game for the level of challenge you prefer, including for the AI teams, the map size, and even things like sandworm activity. You can also adjust the victory conditions so that you have a truly varied match that could offer a challenge to anyone.

This update focuses on multiplayer but it also features updates and reworks to the development trees to emphasize synergy between factions and adds additional elements like new political resolutions, a series of events, new regions, and even more to discover.

When it comes to development on Dune: Spice Wars, Shiro’s roadmap still has additional features to come. But multiplayer should definitely start adding new elements for those who have been playing in Early Access all along. There will be more elements coming, like spaceports, hero units, a new faction, and more but for now, it’s time to take on friends and AI-alike and come up with some new strategies.

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